Locked Up Polemics ‘The Prisoners’, EKKA PONTOH WAS NOT CONVICTED: He is Defendant

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RELATED To uncertain convicted status of Ekka Pontoh, as according to the revelation of a Regent, Samsurizal Tombolotutu shown to Kaili Post (21 / 02.red), the Chief of District Prosecutor of Parigi (Kejari) said that Ekka Pontoh could still do his duties as his conviction status is still unsettled yet: this invited polemic. A statement of regent is considered one of the dangerous signal in handling the case of Ekka Pontoh.

“It’s dangerous if the statement of Mr. District Prosecutor is true as said. He is leading this district, not anyone else. Even if the statement is true existed, it is not a referral but an opinion” said the members of Regional People of Representative Assembly, Parmout Regency, Sugeng Salilama, Wednesday (22 / 2).

He said, if any statement from District Prosecutor office is true, then the demonstrations done by East Coast Youth Communication Forum, Parmout Regency few weeks ago that sued Ekka Pontoh to be executed sooner should become the evidence for reversing prosecution whether from Ekka Pontoh party or Distict Prosecutor office party. Because, if the convicted status isn’t unsettled yet, nonetheless the demonstration is still held means a defamation or characters killing.

“Why I would tell a defamation and characters killing, because automatically the demonstration that stated Ekka Pontoh is convicted accordance to the supreme court decision turns out to be not true” he said.  He said, to keep the society calm down with this issue, then it would be good if Ekka Pontoh takes action to solve very soon. Ekka should do a press conference which was attended by the District Prosecutor Office as a good manner.

“We recommend Ekka should immediately take an action, because the position of society is in a worry and wondering about the status of the convict, but still performing the duties as a Secretary of Parmout regency, “he said.

He added that the District Prosecutor office should also take a stand on this debate, so that the issues of Ekka Pontoh is not protracted. Because if not, then the public confidence in the law can be lost. And the party as a legislative institution will reap the spotlight related to Ekka Pontoh’s issue. Therefore, do not let the public assume the legislative party deliberately turns a blind eye to this issue.

“As the Regional People of Representative Assembly who got the spotlight turns out the regent will get the spotlight too as he is the leader of this district,” he said.

While responding to the polemic, the Distict Prosecutor Parmout office, Jurist P. Sitepu in his separately workroom, (22/2) said the results of the coordination with the Regent, Samsurizal Tombolotutu with his team related to Ekka’s status, it says instead of directing, the status of Ekka Pontoh is not convict but still accused.

“The occurrence of the status of the convict, if Ekka Pontoh is officially executed. And clearly in the passage from the Supreme Court to us, stated that Ekka Pontoh is still a defendant, even though it’s already falling into crimes, “said Jurist. Thus, with regard to the Regent’s speech about landing was denied by Jurist. He said his party had never said these referrals. And for the position matter as a district secretary who re-occupied by Ekka Pontoh, it is not his party’s deals. “That’s for the Regent, what does it matter to me, the head of this area is a regent,” he explained. ***

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