Cudi Is A Competitor Of Kasman in Donggala, Central Sulawesi

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Reporter/Translator : Andono Wibisono/Jessica Porogai


Muat Lebih

WINNING the acclamation, Rusdi Mastura in regional discussion forum of Golkar Party Donggala District, (01/03) in the hall of the Golkar Party Central Sulawesi indicates that Beringin Rimbun party has calculated far ahead. Setting the figure Cudi – Rusdi Mastura as a Chairman of Regional Representative House Golkar Party for Donggala is done with the accurate calculation. As the stages of 2018 Election in that oldest district would begin this year.

Second; Golkar will maintain a fanatical sound base in Donggala, for the sake of elections in 2018 and booming voices in legislative election for 2019. Third; at Donggala District with the contemporary political perspective, the figure Regent Kasman Lassa is very strong and incontestable to surpass other political figures, especially the party cadres who have been matured since 32 years ago. With the right calculations, it is not wrong if Cudi could be an alternative to be prepared at all political short and medium term events. Namely regional election and legislative election in 2019.

Ahmad Entedaim SH, politician of Regional Representative House (DPD) Golkar Party for Donggala in Kaili Post explains estimation of his political party. ” That’s all I can read. Bung Cudi could be a unifying figure, the adhesive on the upcoming events in Donggala and legislative election, ” he said separately after Musda yesterday. Ahmad asked reporters to recheck the latest regulatory matter related to the election of a former official in two periods who have a five-year periods will be renominated in different regions.

However, Ahmad said that all political parties must have played their own chessboard from at the current time for future regional election and political events. ” We, too, ” he said. ***

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