Ombudsman Announced Players in Poboya Palu

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MINING Activities Without Permission (PETI) in the gold mining village Poboya District Mantikulore sub-district does not seem to shake the illegal miners. Neither critics nor the government proposal to this day has not addressed any meaningful results. Currently, the spotlight on Poboya mining came from representatives of the Ombudsman Central Sulawesi which indicated there is a ‘players’ as well as big companies operate without a permit on behalf of citizens’ mining.

“We suspect there are large companies operating on behalf of citizens’ mining, and the mining activities without a permit definitely happened in Poboya,” said, Representative Chief of Ombudsman in Central Sulawesi, Sofyan Farid Valley, Monday (6/3).

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By him, Sofyan suggested to the Government and the Central Sulawesi Police officers to firmly shut temporarily the illegal mining activities in the mountains of Poboya. This is in order to avoid the anarchic actions. In the addition, from aspects of licensing, environmental assessment until sape-other priorities aspects. Meanwhile, a number of illegal companies also allegedly operated with the modus of utilizing citizens’ mining because of the Ombudsman observation, a credible form of dredging material using heavy equipment, so that the environmental damage potential. Not to mention the management activities using hazardous chemicals, such as cyanide are also increasingly prevalent.

“Do not let them have (Illegal company) to utilize the citizens’ mining. And until now, even citizens’ mining license has not been forged, “said Sofyan. Related to plan of Citra Palu Minerals (CMP) provides sub-contract to a mining company named DRJ, Sofyan said they would learn more about the plan of the CPM. Because, until now his party hasn’t known the plan yet.

“But the point is, the government must take assertive steps to stop the illegal activity. Exploitation in the region increases. Not to mention, the immersion activities in using the dangerous chemical liquid increasingly harmful . It is obvious to pollute the environment, “he concluded. ***


Reporter/Editor: Moh. Ridwan/Jesica Porogoi

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