Parmout Health Department in Increasing IPM of Health

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THE meeting result of Department Head and Section Head, one of them how to make innovation on policies to accelerate maternal and child mortality rates decreased, by lowering maternal and child mortality rates, it expects IPM of Parmout District could rise.

He said the number of Morbidity and the other side has to go down, but the mortality rate is still high in maternal and child through the percentage. Explained by Head of Secretary in Parmout Health Department, Gede Widiadha met by Kaili Post at her office on Tuesday (14/3).

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Gede continued, one policy or strategy that would be done by his team in order how to improve nutrition through data or numbers in Parmout District, there are still many malnutrition and malnourished cases, malnutrition actually happened to babies and a lack of nutrients found in pregnant women.

“If the nutrition of pregnant women are not good, it will affect the maternal mortality rate and if she is deprived of blood and nutrition to the mother, it will automatically very risky during childbirth, because if she had anemia (lack of blood), giving birth and bleeding can occur. And secondly if the mother gave normal or healthy birth , it will affect the growth of the baby, in addition to affecting growth will affect the baby and Baby IQ itself. “he said.

He added, the program will be implemented in 2017 and the program has become a routine program for health centers and the team has given a kind of food additives made in every small health center in Parmout District, and it should provide more counseling to people even the most basic constraint problem is a matter of people’s eating patterns.

“The diet of people affected by the name of tradition or culture and habits that often happens, the society’s knowledge, especially to mothers in how their consciousness can process food and set meals” Parmout District is not a district that have enough food supplies and fulfill the needs of society, but the error that often occurs is how to manage the food was nothing special given to the baby.

Then, in 2017 this year, through equalization almost all health centers have enough energy including officers in the village already existed, and it cannot bring down its officers in remote areas because it does not have adequate facilities. However, it was programmed to visit isolated area.

“We leave all that to the health centers because the health center is governing their schedule down per month or per week, because the budget is submitted to the health center and may use funds Operational Health Agency (BOK).”

All health centers which have isolated areas have the funding, because the team has distributed proportionally the BOK funds and funds to support activities that are not regularly budgeted, thus BOK budget has been arranged including home education and to provide education in the isolated areas.

Reporter: Steflin Putong

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