SHOCK! House of Residents Full of Smelled-Sulfur Smokes

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Photo Caption: Shown a number of residents are witnessing, the police line that has been installed in the vicinity of the discovery of smoke hole and the smell of sulfur.

HAD time to shock people, one of the people’s house named Nursofa (40) alias Mrs. Opa or Nufra, in Bantaya Village, Parigi sub-district, Parmout District, found holes that emit sulfur smell and smoky. In response, the Parigi police put up a police line around the smoky and smelly sulfur holes. Nurfa explained, the initial discovery smoky hole and the smell of sulfur when he was cleaning his yard at around 07.00 pm. When he was sweeping, he suddenly saw smoke coming out of the grass in his yard.

However, he thought that the smoke came from cigarette and took the initiative to blow out with water. Although it has been watered, the smoke still came out and he was checking the origin of the where the smoke came out. After finding the origin of the smoke out, he tried to dig as deep as half a meter.

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“However, I could not find the bottom of the smoke out. In fact, I have watered by two buckets, “he said. Furthermore, he said, because the smoke made him vomiting and dizziness, he thought that the origin out it comes from electrical damage.

Because the holes that emit smoke and the smell of sulfur was directly on the pole electricity network, so that he reported it to the PLN. After examination of the pole electricity network, according to the PLN, it was not caused  by damage to the electricity network. But, it is the sulfur fumes coming out of the ground and cannot be eliminated.

After finding out that it is the sulfur fumes he said, residents began to be busy to see it directly. Since the afternoon, the residents started throwing a tantrum with the holes that emit smoke and the smell of sulfur.

In fact, people who come from outside Parigi City flocked to witness firsthand the holes that emit smoke and the smell of sulfur. “I also had tried to poach an egg in the hole. The result was, an egg is cooked. However, I remain concerned because I often vomit due to smell of smoke and the smell of sulfur. Although, the police has installed police line around the hole, “he said. While the statement Tungenge Iwan (54) as a close relative of the house owner said the results of the examination while the PLN Parigi Branch has been found if the electricity home of Mrs. Opa there seems to be electricalshort-circuit, so  that the flow path of electricity was turned off.

“At first it shocked the home owners with smoke coming out of the left side of his house when it rains. Luckily there was one resident who check the smoke out, felt like there was a negative flow of electrical contact so he reported to the Police and PLN” he said. Known by most people, there are many of them  ho come to localized Iwan said. But the stories of people that in Bantaya village as there are bursts of gas from the ground was not true, he said.

Meanwhile, Police Chief Inspector of Parigi, Iptu H Muslimin confirmed with this newspaper that in one of the houses appears the bursts of smoke from the electric pole sidelines on the leftside of Mrs Opa’s house. And the smoke is visible if the land is wet, clearly by Police Chief.

“The information about the smoke coming out of the ground was being viral in social media yesterday. However, clearly after examination of the PLN in Parigi Branch has been detected if the result of smoke from the electric pole sidelines was because the roof zinc of Mrs. Opa’s house touched the power pole.  That’s why we provide an outline safety in the incident “said the police chief.

The police chief said, the shindig of Parmout citizens houses with coming the smoke out of the ground was right. However it was not coming from the ground. Certainly all have been controlled because the PLN at Parigi Branch directly anticipated. And today is no longer seen smoke coming out from the electric pole sidelines which is said smelled of sulfur, said Iptu H Muslims. ***

Reporter / Editor: Steflin Putong / Fharadiba

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