The Offender Admitted Distributing Drugs Owned by Police Officer

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A STUDENT, Rahmat (20’s) claimed to distribute the narcotic products belonging to the police initials Brigadier WLI- touted as members of Drug Police in Tolitoli. Rahmat claimed, the incident began when he was reunited with WLI by one of his colleagues. At that time, he is offered to distribute drug methamphetamine.

“At first I refused, but the perpetrators of WLI kept persuading me and ensure I will not be entangled law,” the story of the perpetrators told reporters on Tuesday (14/3).

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Several weeks went by, his parents knew that he was trapped by drugs. At that time, his parents asked him to stop. Rahmat finally admitted decided to stop before charging money from the sale of methamphetamine to consumers. Hearing of the incident, said Rahmat, WLI was angry and asked him to pay off the entire price of the sale of these drugs.

“Total sales of methamphetamine was Rp20 million, I cannot distribute it, and I stopped the chain of drug trafficking before they could do the billing,” said Grace, accompanied by their parents. A few days later, exactly on Wednesday night (8/3), along with several members of the WLI Drugs unit of Tolitoli Police make arrest against him as it passed in Donor District with six colleagues who use four-wheel vehicles.

Rahmat then was led to his rented house in the Tuweley village. Arriving at the location of WLI immediately seized amotorcycle belonging to Rahmat, then raided the rented room. As a result of police seized a drug package according to Rahmat was not his and did not exist in the closet rented.

Not satisfied with this, WLI and another police officers were persecuting Rahmat to cause bruises on the face and head. “Mr. WLI and colleagues who claimed members of the Police Drug Units of Tolitoli directly persecute me. Then I do not remember, because I was beaten until unconscious,” said Rahmat.

Objecting to the incident, the victim’s family reported the incident to the elements of leadership in Tolitoli Police for further action. “It’s not fair, our child is a victim of police entrapment, pity him! He should be persecuted as such, we ask that the case should be investigated,” pleaded Abbas Kai, the victim’s father. As a first step of the family, the plan will undergo a post mortem in one of hospitals in Tolitoli region.

To response, Vice of Chief Police Department in Tolitoli, Commissioner Sugeng Lestari promised to follow up with the victim’s family to examine the involvement of WLI in the chain of drug trafficking, as well as allegations of abuses perpetrated against some unscrupulous members of Drug Unit to Rahmat. “We are very grateful for this report, and we promised to follow up with doing vise against the victim, if convicted police officers concerned, we will charge a penalty according to his deeds,” said Commissioner Sugeng Lestari.

Reporter: romi / Tolitoli

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