The Restricted of Crocodile Moving Space in the Riverbanks

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BKSDA, Natural Resources Conservation Center, acknowledged that the riverbanks of Palu is already a mammal species habitat of crocodile. However, how to keep the crocodile habitat does not threaten the safety of citizens, the effort could be done is setting a warning board of prone crocodile at some points of areas around Palu riverbanks. The goal is the residents could avoid.

BKSDA has also coordinated with the savior of Jakarta and asked for help to catch. Moreover, they are interested in taking crocodile. But due to lack of preparation, they attack. Thus expressed, by Head of the Administration Sub BKSDA, Mulyadi. Probably this year will be planned a procurement of nets and ropes and other fittings. A warning board setting on the bridge two river, there is about 5 meters, for bridge three is planned in next stage.

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The Worried Palu Residents

Some residents urged the city government as soon as possible to secure habitat for alligators, located in the Village of South Tatura because it could swallow the victim up could be casualties.

“Mr. RT, for help to be delivered to Palu City Government to immediately secure the crocodiles in the pond in number Jalan Kancil before the animals prey on people,” said Rina, a resident of the Village South Tatura, on Monday.

He said the existing pool in the region inhabited crocodiles of various sizes. One of the crocodiles in the pond a few days ago was arrested residents, but then released to Palu River.

But the crocodile which was captured citizens, is now back again in the pond, and frankly threatening residents who live near the pond.

Therefore before, crocodiles attack the person, should be Palu City Government or related agencies to secure it. The same thing also delivered by Fian, a resident who lives near the pond. He also requested that Palu City Government immediately secure at least its location in the fence.

Or crocodiles were captured and transferred to a special breeding. “I’ve counted seven crocodiles are always visible in the pond,” he said. The number is likely to be more. You see, the pool was filled with weeds and also served as a lure.

“I’m afraid of the crocodile suddenly attacked the man. And before that happens, Palu City Government should take steps how to secure it,” he said. ***

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