23 September Starts Campaign

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THE COORDINATION Meeting in determining the location of the installation of campaign
props, as well as PKPU’s socialization No. 28 of 2018, related to changes to
the General Election Commission Regulation Number 23 of 2018 concerning the
2019 general campaign, on Tuesday (18 // 2018) in Sutan Raja Hotel. According
to the Election Commission (KPU) in Palu, it is known that the campaign period
for the 2019 election participants starts on 23 September 2018.

This includes the installation of political party and legislative
candidate campaign props. Commissioner of Palu KPU, Nurbaya explained for the
maximum size of billboards, 4X7 meters, 1.5X7 meter banners and 1.15X5 banners.
For areas that are prohibited in the installation of campaign props, other KPU
commissioners, Iskandar Lembah discloses the prohibition zone points such as
places of worship, health or hospitals and health centers, education such as
schools and government offices, in accordance with PKPU Number 28 of 2018. Also
according to Iskandar such as in green open spaces, parks, trees and
electricity poles.

Bacaan Lainnya

Zone of the installation of the campaign props itself, said the head of
the Palu KPU, Agusalim Wahid, revealed that it was divided into electoral
districts I, North Palu and Tawaili sub-districts, namely in Mamboro, West
Mamboro, Taipa, Kayumalue, pajeko, Kayumalue ngapa, Lambara, Pantoloan and
Pantoloan boya. Dapil II East Palu and Mantikulore, in West Besusu
sub-district, East Besusu, South Lolu, North Lolu  Layana indah, Tondo,
Talise, Valangguni, Laosani, Poboya and Kawatuna.

Dapil III of South Palu and Tatanga, including the North Birobuli
Village, the southern Birobuli, Petobo, North Tatura, South Tatura, Nunu,
Tawanjuka, Palupi, Pengawu and Boyaoge. Dapil IV West Palu and Ulujadi are in
Baru Village, Lere, Siranindi, Kamonji, Balaroa, Donggala Kodi, Kabonena,
Silae, Tipo, Buluri and Watu until.

In his speech, the chairman of the Palu KPU, Agusalim Wahid said the
purpose of the coordination meeting of political parties knew the protocellers
and the regulations related to the material discussed on that day. So that in
the future there will be no more political parties who object or protest if
their campaign props are disciplined.

In addition, Agusalim Wahid said the KPU also coordinated with the City
Spatial Planning Office, DLH, Kesbangpol, the Police and other relevant
institutions. So that in terms of the installation of campaign props still heed
the aesthetic and aesthetic values, and does not interfere with the activities
of the Palu community.**

Reporter: Firmansyah

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