20 Thousand Of Debtor Forum Members

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THE fight of disaster victims of debtor forum in Palu, Sigi and Donggala  (Pasigala) recorded their members continuation. Until yesterday afternoon (11/20/2018) like the photo above – in GOR Park Palu, thousands of enthusiastic Pasigala residents registered as members of the forum. Likewise, those in Tawaeli Palu and Banawa Donggala. According to a statement from one of the debtor forum administrators, Ismail Ruslan said that the incoming data (stamped forms and maps) were close to 20 thousands.

According to Ismail, until last night he still received the former members. In fact, the Command Post having its address at Jalan Tanjung Tada No 33 serves until 8.00 pm. ‘But the residents kept coming. Not to mention that Donggala and Sigi are still awaited and confirmed, ‘he admitted.

Bacaan Lainnya

How can a forum be able to gather such a large number of members, he admits because the member initiatives become nodes in the field. ‘’ We move with initiative together and coordinate the field. So we don’t have knots or volunteers. All the members are initiatives, ‘he said.

As is known, the initial debtor forum moved and immediately held discussions with OJK (Financial Services Authority) Palu at the Mandiri A Jalan Yani Palu cafe for two days (12-13/11/2018). It was agreed that the forum was asked by OJK for the main issues, solutions and economic studies of affected residents as debtors.

Not only that, the debtor forum has also had a dialogue with the Provincial Secretary of Mohammad Hidayat Lamakarate at the residence. Even Hidayat promised that together with the forum it would demand the elimination of credit from earthquake-affected residents as experienced by Jogja in 2006.

‘’We want the abolition of credit like the victims of the earthquake in Yogyakarta in 2006. What’s the difference with us in Central Sulawesi. And the Provincial Secretary welcomes, ‘said Ismail again.

He understands at this time many have made conflict maps with the aim that the forum’s solidity is divided. The issues began to be paid members until the issue was that they would do demonstration. ‘’ All of that is a figment. We focus on non-litigation and member consolidation. Later, there will be a way of litigation or what will be determined by the management. Many are starting to spread hoax,  but just let it go, ‘said him deftly.**


Translater: Jesica

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