Anleg Supports Tondo Kiri & THM To Be Disciplined

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Tondo Kiri Red Lights Area stopping all activities of prostitution

IN CREATING THE Disciplined localization of Tondo Kiri prostitution by regional polices  Polresta) some time ago, the city council legislator in his statement supported this action. Anleg also asked the police to discipline the karaoke nightclubs (THM) and the kinds.

On Monday (11/19/2018), Sucipto S Rumu after the Plenary Meeting stressed that the actions of the authorities in stopping all activities of prostitution in the localization should be given a good appreciation, in addition to looking at aspects of religion, as well as health factors.

Muat Lebih

Besides that, said Sucipto. This is also in accordance with one of the mayor’s vision and mission, in making Palu a city of cultured and civilized services based on faith and piety. “By him, we as representatives of the people are very supportive of the actions of the Palu Police in stopping the prostitution in the Tondo Kiri,” he explained.

The member of Commission B also said that residents also had the same point of view regarding this matter. Because he believes that the pluralist and religious community of who upholds the value of religion, eastern cultural customs, must be anxious about the existence of “esek-esek” in that place. Not to mention, Palu is known to have the largest religious organization in Sulawesi. Namely Alkhairat.

He added, the security forces must act decisively in stopping all activities. Because the place has illegal practices which they do not have permission from the government.

The same thing was also expressed by one of his faction partners (PKS) Rusman Ramli. According to him, the steps taken by Palu Police, are an embodiment of one of the mayor’s vision and mission. All institutions, government and society should support this activity.

Rusman continued that there is an issuance of circular letter from the Mayor to stop all activities during the call to prayers as well as praying in congregation. “This is a step forward to make Palu a city of faith and devotion,” he said.**

Translater: Jesica

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