Regional Secretary Central Sulawesi Receives 104 IPDN

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Translater: Jesica porogoi

REGIONAL Secretary in Central Sulawesi Province, Hidayat Lamakarate welcomed
the arrival of 104 IPDN students from the registration of Central Sulawesi in
his office (12/19/2018). 104 IPDN students are from four levels such as  Muda, Madya Nandya and Wasana.

“We are proud to see that you are all healthy. This means that the
education process is going well and we do not receive reports and problems from
the institute. We should be grateful as there is no any problems arised within
the students from Central Sulawesi during their study. Hopefully, this always
goes well every year and maintained, “Hidayat said with a tone of joy.

Furthermore, Regional Secretary of North Sumatra, which is familiarly
called Sis Dayat, conveyed his direction before the IPDN students who were
currently on vacation, to take advantage of this holiday period well. Gather
with family to eliminate the boredom. Hidayat, who is also an alumni of STPDN,
hopes that the IPDN students will always maintain cohesiveness and mutual
respect for their fellow seniors and juniors.

To the fourth level of IPDN students who will conduct an internship for
one month starting January 7, 2019 in the region of Central Sulawesi Hidayat
advised that wherever they were placed they could carry out their duties well.

On that occasion, Praja IPDN gave souvenirs to the Secretary of
Provincial Secretariat and as General Chair of Central Sulawesi IKAPTK
witnessed by full-time attendees, among others, Head of National Unity and
Political Sciences, Fahrudin Yambas, General Secretary of IKAPTK Arfan.**

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