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IN DEVELOPING The potential local football talents aged 14 years, it is looking for the young talents to explore the professional world. The various efforts were made. One of them is a program from National Soccer Coach, Indra Syafrie. Central Sulawesi, especially the city of Palu was targeted by the National coach.

Responding to that, the coordinator of the talent program for young footballers in the city of Palu, as well as the Head of the General Section of the Regional Secretary of Palu, Akram Agus, revealed that the aim of the program was to find talent for soccer players in the city of Palu. Then, it will be fostered again in a central professional school to become one of the national players.

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Akram told about the mechanism of the program is a coordination between PSSI centers, regions and the local Football School (SSB) in providing guidance to early childhood. ” After it is going well, the national coach, Indra Syafrie will select them in the future in order to not rule out the possibility that there will be regional sons who will be elected as the national team later, “he said.

The long-term process of the program, continued Akram, will be held by a young soccer league in the city of Palu with a coaching system so that the activities do not break up in the middle of the road, or do not have a future prospect.

The current program from PSSI center, Akram revealed that providing the school shoes to the children aged fourteen and sixteen years from sixteen SSBs in the city of Palu today. “In March 2019, there will be a competition between SSB in the city of Palu to pursue the target of National Games in September in Yogyakarta,” he admitted.

After the local competition was over, Akram explained that the selection of fifteen SSB teams will be conducted to complete the squad that appears as the champion in the competition. ’’Sixty percent is taken from SSB which won the competition. More than forty percent are recruited from other SSB team players, “he explained.**

Translater: Jesica porogoi 

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