Lost in “Hell” Electoral District

Reportase: Ikhsan Madjido

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THE NAMES OF Prominent politicians competed in the
Legislative General Elections (Pileg) 2019
. A number
of regions seem to be the constituency (electoral district) of hell because
they bring together a number of big names to fight for seats in the Central
Sulawesi Provincial Parliament.
Referred to as the ‘Hell’ electoral district because of the tight level
of competition in the electoral district.
Just mention it in Central Sulawesi 6, some of which are Arena J
Parampasi incumbents, Muh Masykur, Muharram Nurdin. There are also Rusli Dg
Palabi, and Naharuddin.

Then there was the name of the former Donggala regent candidate, Abdul
Rahman, former Secretary of Sigi Husen Habibu, former vice governor Rully
Lamadjido, and Donggala council member Namrud Mado who tried to go up to the

Although the results of the legislative general election were not
officially announced by the General Election Commission (KPU), but the plenary
results of the Sigi and Donggala KPU showed only PDIP incumbents Muharram
Nurdin who passed to the Provincial DPRD.

The rest of the sounds of the famous names cluck in the Donggala Sigi
Hellenic Election. 
From the results of the vote plenary at the Donggala and Sigi KPU, the
NasDem party received the most votes from the 6th District of Donggala Sigi.

NasDem got 39,615 votes and passed Nilam Sari Lawira. In addition to NasDem, Golkar also achieved significant votes.

The political party bearing the banyan tree won 34,560, passing Budi
Luhur Larengi, who had managed to climb the class from the previous Sigi
council member. 
Then followed, Gerindra who won 33,347 votes.

The incision made Gerindra pass candidates Abd Karim Al Jufri. PKB political party won 27,052 votes, passed legislative candidate

Meanwhile, the PDI-P party won 26,018 votes and passed candidate
Muharram Nurdin.m 
PKS Party won 20,103 votes and passed HM Tahir Siri candidates.

A newcomer to the House of Representatives, Enos Pasaua with the votes
of Perindo political parties as many as 193,416.

The eighth seat, the Democratic Party won 18,900 votes and passed the
Marlelah legislative candidate. **

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