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KOTA PALU,- The Social Ministry in this case the Palu City Social Office as an extension of mandate, in the near future will soon launch E-War program or Gotong Royong E-Commerce to 14 PKH or Family Hope Program in Tanah Kaili. This was conveyed by Head of Social Affairs of Palu DRS.Nursalam in his office on Monday (4/9/2017).

He explained that Palu city this year to get the Pilot Project is 14 PKH which is filtered from 12,478 Raskin or Rastra recipients. Those elected to receive the program will be given the confidence to manage a Kiosk or stall business which contains some basic necessities of household to sell to members of the group itself or also to the economic community down to the circle.

Furthermore Nursalam said there are two points related to the program, such as services and PKH stalls. For PKH shop itself has started running activities, while in the service still do coaching on Administration. On January 1, 2018 the new program can run.

E-war recipients who previously received Raskin quota in each village and pay for the rice, after the program runs will not happen again or direct assistance is allocated to the E-war card of Rp110 thousand per month. Because they just swipe the card in place of stalls or kiosk PKH in the region.

“So the Raskin allocation for 12,478 people with welfare problems in every urban village for January 1, 2018 is no longer available, but they will receive E-war instead and they make transactions at Kiosks already provided in their area, for example, the total cost of spending is around Rp 70,000 in one month, for the next month. The balance increases to Rp 150,000, so there is no charred term for the rest of the expenditure, and for direct fund transfers from the Ministry, we only collect data only, “he said. **

Reporter/Transleter: Firmansyah/Jesica Porogoi

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