Oath of Not Receiving Bribery

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Reporter: Firmansyah Lawawi /
Yohanes Clemens

CHAIRMAN of the Palu City Regional Representative Council
(DPRD), Ishak Cae, vowed that there was no flow of funds to pay bridge IV debt
to Dekot Palu legislators.

issue of bribery had been heated up because of the statement of former Palu
Mayor Rusdy Mastura and also former Chairperson of the Palu City DPRD, Iqbal
Andi Magga, who claimed to have been offered a billions of rupiah fee from PT
Global Daya Manunggal (PT GDM) if it passed the development debt payment
Jembatan IV Palu for IDR 16.4 billion.

percent there is no flow of funds flowing into the Palu DPRD office. I am sure,
there is no flow of funds,” said Ishak Cae, in Palu on Thursday

stressed that the payment of the IV bridge had previously been discussed at the
Budget Board (Banggar) meeting of the Palu DPRD.

stupid it would be if it wasn’t put together in Banggar. There were the
minutes,” he said in a high voice.

of bridge IV worth IDR 14 billion, continued Ishak Cae, already through the
Forkopimda meeting.
meeting was attended by Forkopimda. I stressed that Bridge IV does not need to
be paid. Because it has been damaged,” he said.

suggested that a legal strength check be made on decisions related to bridge IV
payments. Apparently Isaac Cae said, it must be paid. After the mayor had
previously requested a fatwa from the Palu Court.

it is not followed up or no payment of IDR 14 billion is made on the IV bridge,
in the future the city government will be in debt. Because the debt continues
to flower,” he said.

to Isaac Cae, the Rp14 billion paid by the City Government of Palu is the main
fund from the IV Bridge. But he did not mention the total amount.

payment of Rp14 billion is the main fund from Bridge IV,” he said.

Rusdy Mastura and Ikbal Andi Magga’s statements only said that they had been
offered some money. But Ishak Cae said that the two did not mention the flow of

only said that they had been promised money. But they were not aware of the
flow of funds that went into the Palu DPRD. Only Alimudin H Alibau said that in
the media there was Rp2 billion in cash to the Palu DPRD. Palu,” he

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