Utama Land Property Set 250 Units of Police Residential in Layana Indah Palu

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In the middle of sluggish national economic impacted to the regions, that doesn’t stop the property entrepreneurs continue to look at the business opportunities. One of secret stances done by entrepreneur under the banner of the Utama Land Property, Oetomo Koentjoro in Palu.


The national housing company will build 250 housing units for the police in an area of 12 hectares in the hills of Layana Indah, Mantikulore sub-district. Yesterday (28/02), conducted the first “groundbreaking” of housing unit construction done by Chief of Regional Police Department, Brigjen Pol Rudy Sufariadi and Mayor of Palu, Hidayat.

According to Oetomo in Kaili Post, housing development is the cooperation with the Regional Police of Central Sulawesi. The goal, for the fulfillment of police members in Central Sulawesi housing can be affordable and livable. His team plans to target through 2017 to build 250 houses with all types.

”That’s our plan for now. The target for 2017 built to 250 units. We will make it easy for the entire user interests and banking, ” said the Chief of Utama Beton of Palu.

In his speech, the Chief of Central Sulawesi Police Department, Brigjen Rudy hopes developers of housing for police members, attempts to live a decent and healthy  as members of the police can be realized. He responded positively to the housing development, especially with the property company which has national experiences. He supports it to immediately build housing units as an example and a selection of its members.

At the same time, Mayor Hidayat also responded housing construction led by Utama Land Property in Palu. Thus, the economy will impact the surrounding community as well as open new lands for housing. Then, Palu urban planning ahead can be improved.

” To look forward, there are no longer members of the police were boarding. Because the existing home is worth. I am so grateful, Mr. Chief of Police , ” said the mayor as he joked.

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