Disturbing Gas Subsidies Can Be Punished

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PALU,- ONE OF Economic observers in Central Sulawesi, Muhtifa SE, MSc considers that a middleman game/retailer or hoarder on government policy, one of the 3 Kg gas subsidies can be convicted. Because it is considered against the government policy in the field of economic stability of the country. ”Police could investigate even to crack down. Laws are there. This seems like officers have not understood what the substance of three kilograms-gas scarcity. ”he said in Palu yesterday.

Gas subsidies for the poor throughout Indonesia are upon state policies. The nomenclature is clear in the Law on State Budget. If on the ground is played by unscrupulous individuals and retailers and hoarders, he suggests that it should be stabilized by investigating the perpetrator and dragging it into legal process in order to become a public example which undermines the interests of the people livelihood that must be taken care of. Case in point is the gas scarcity right in front of our naked eyes, ”he said seriously.

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Meanwhile, Central Sulawesi regional police advised the Palu City Government to take firm action against retail traders who sell 3 kg subsidized LPG because it violates the stipulated provisions. “We appeal to the Palu City Government to conduct the enforcement, supervision of 3kg LPG and allotment,” said Head of Industry and Trade Division of the Directorate General of Police Headquarters AKBP, Teddy D Salawati in Palu on Thursday.

Teddy said retailers are not allowed to sell or trade various types of LPG including 3kg LPG. “Kiosks or retailers should not sell or trade 3kg LPG. What is actually the main goal? Is there a rule that allows retailers or kiosks to sell LPG? ” said Teddy Salawati.

He asserted that the government has set up a LPG distribution scheme that is from Pertamina, then to agents and bases.

“The distribution scheme of LPG distribution has been built by the government, there are no kiosks or retail traders in the scheme,” he said. He considered one of the factors causing the occurrence of LPG scarcity is the accumulation of LPG on retail merchants or kiosks.

Another factor, he explained, the presence of middle to upper business actors using 3kg LPG, whereas middle to upper business should not use 3kg LPG. “The municipal government of Palu has Licensing Service, Pol-PP. Then they are entitled to supervise the sale and circulation of 3kg LPG in the community,” he explained.

Related to this 3kg LPG scarcity, Palu Government in this week diverted LPG sales to sub-district offices with standard price Rp16.000/tube, as well as market operation together with City Government, Pertamina and Hiswana Migas. Nevertheless, there are also retail traders who sell 3kg of LPG, especially around Masomba Market, at a price of Rp40.000/kg.

Residents suspect that the retailers buy LPG at the sub-district office at a base price and resell it one by one at a high price, or the goods its sales may come from the previous stock accumulation obtained from official bases. **

Reportage And Other Sources: Ikhsan/Antarasulteng.Com

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