The Stolen Motors Burned, Perpetrators Got Hit By Society

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Kota Palu,-AGAIN! The action re-occur in the city of Palu on Monday (4/9/2017) at around 10:15 pm in around the Vatulemo field or precisely around the Road of North Palu City. The perpetrators of two IK (17) who is still a student, RZ (18). Both residents of Pantoloan Palu must be willing to be the citizens and the motorcycle, Honda Beat DN 2035 VT burned mob after their action in doing robbery or seize the Samsung J1 ACE Mobile Phone belonging to a girl FY (17) successfully discontinued citizens.

The chronology happened when FY (17) waited for his brother while working on his HP at around North Town Hall. Suddenly, from the back came the bomber ripped the HP FY. The victim was shocked and immediately chased the perpetrators while shouting to the people around the crime scene. Hearing the shouts of victims who passed or who were hanging out on the street then pursued the two young men of responsibility.

As a result, the residents managed to stop the runaway and both became the target of a stirring mass amok with a similar action that became the scourge of the citizens of the city lately. No escort motor perpetrators burned mobs. Kapolresta Palu AKBP Christ R.Pusung in his opportunity to thank all the citizens for helping the police in arresting perpetrators of crimes that have been very disturbing.

He also added that the police will continue to carry out the security by patrolling and guarding every post every night, the perpetrator is threatened by the Criminal Code Article 365 Paragraph 1 and 2 and the threat of sentence of 12 years in prison. “I also appeal to the community to proactively assist the police in safeguarding and securing its territory from similar actions, and please do not play the judges themselves, submit to us the perpetrators,” he said.

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