Election in Central Sulawesi, Safe & Peaceful

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Source: Humpro Central Sulawesi

EVEN Though in Banggai District there are 6
Subdistricts which carry out follow-up elections, in general the implementation
of elections in 2019 in Central Sulawesi is safe and peaceful.

Central Sulawesi Governor H Longki Djanggola along
with Forkopimda elements conveyed the situation of the 2019 Election
Implementation through Video Conference with the Minister of Home Affairs at
the Video Conference Room of the Central Sulawesi Governor’s Office on Thursday

Furthermore, it was stated that the simultaneous
elections in Central Sulawesi, among others, were first, community
participation in exercising their right to vote was good enough from the
morning until the registration was closed.

Secondly, there is a shortage in the number of
ballots, especially in the city of Palu, the third is the occurrence of
exchange of ballot boxes, the four KPPS do not understand their duties,
especially on Form A5 by transfer voters.

Lastly, Longki revealed that many voters only used
ID cards because they were not registered or there were no invitations to vote,
then the Governor stated that the next election had been held in Banggai

The Minister of Home Affairs was represented by
the Director General of Politics and Public Administration Soedarmo, expressed
his gratitude to the Governor of Central Sulawesi and the Forkopimda elements
for implementing the Simultaneous Election of 2019 in Central Sulawesi Province
and subsequently requested that the Governor and Forkopimda elements continue
to monitor progress after the voting and continued ascertained the condition
amidst the community remains safe and peaceful.

Meanwhile, monitoring the Kawalpemilu.org page for
the results of the presidential election (Pilpres) for the Central Sulawesi
region, the pair Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno still excelled over the pair
Joko Widodo and Ma’ruf Amin.

The 02 pair won 9,813 votes or 56.40 percent,
while the 01 pair gained 7,587 or around 43.60 percent.

Prabowo-Sandi excels in 8 districts including
Sigi, Banggai, Poso, Tolitoli, Buol, Morowali, Palu City and North Morowali.

The Jokowi-Amin pair won in Donggala and Parigi
Moutong Regencies (see box).

Three districts namely Bangkep, Touna and Balut
have not yet included the results of the vote count **

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