Indonesia presidential challenger says does not accept election result

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Reportase: Ikhsan Madjido

 INDONESIAN Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto said on
Tuesday he did not accept official election results giving President Joko
Widodo a second term because he believed there had been cheating in the poll.

He also told reporters he would “continue to make legal efforts in line
with the constitution to defend the mandate of the people and the
constitutional rights that were seized”. Reuters said.

Earlier, a campaign official said the retired general would contest the
result in the Constitutional Court.

Meanwhile, hundreds of mass gathered in front of the Central Sulawesi
General Election Commission (KPU) office since 3:00 p.m., Wednesday
(05/22/2019), holding a peaceful protest against fraudulent elections.

The mob said, the action was carried out in response to allegations
that they called the massive criminalization and arrest of clerics and
activists related to the alleged number of fraud in the 2019 election.

They demanded that the criminalization of scholars and activists be
stopped, and reject the results of the 2019 election.

Action coordinator Eddy Setiawan expressed the demand that the
candidate pair (candidate pair) of the President and Vice President be
fraudulent, to be disqualified. Because it is considered to have hurt the
existing democracy.

“We also asked that the Fact Finding Team (TPF) be formed in
relation to frauds that occur and do a foralsic audit related to KPU
calculations,” he said, when giving speeches.

Ustadz Hartono, one of the leaders of the CSOs, said that the existing
community wanted justice to be upheld. “We gather here, no longer see
differences from organization or color. The mass of action here is all
Indonesian citizens who want justice, “he said.

“We took to the streets today not to support candidate pairs 01 or
02, but we took to the streets because we did not accept the decision of the
KPU RI which was considered full of fraud,” he added.

Chairman of the Central Sulawesi KPU, Tanwir Lamaming, when receiving
the action, asked what the mass demands, such as fraud, to be proven by data.
Central Sulawesi KPU is ready to help and uphold justice, if this is proven.

“I ask the people who have evidence related to fraud in the
previous election, please prepare the data. “If it is proven, I will be in
front with the community to fight for it,” he said.

He also stressed that if anyone had data and was proven guilty, the KPU
dared to disqualify the candidate who committed fraud.

After breaking the fast together, the mass of action agreed to dissolve
themselves. However, they will return by bringing the evidence requested by the
Chairman of the Central Sulawesi KPU with even more mass numbers.

To secure this action, the Palu resort police deployed as many as 850
personnel and a number of riot vehicles.

Wire fence in the span in front of the Central Sulawesi KPU office to
dispel mass entering the building. **

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