Kaledo, traditional foods kaili Indonesia

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Reporter/Editor: Yuni Ridwan/Mo. Ridwan

KALEDO or the abbreviation for ‘leg of the donggala’, is one of the typical food on the ground Kaili of Central Sulawesi (Sulteng).

Kaledo is said to be a foot of cow. The bones, leg ground beef cooked until tender plus a variety of spices. Such acid java, cayenne pepper and salt. Broth runs deep through white but the ingredients in a sauce is very strong.

Some stalls kaledo the leading in the city of Palu, one of them Kaledo A stereo system located at street Diponegoro No.40. when found Kaili Post, one of the employees of the diner the nita, said why the restaurant is said to be kaledo the stereo, because the restaurant has a uniqueness over kaledo.

Yes, how to eat kaledo this is a little bit unique. Where is when presented with the meat, we have to hold on to the side of the bone.

Usually, Kaledo to eat side by side warm with white rice. To add a sour taste,  the use of lime juice. Meat kaledo so fluffy and not least make it is the gravy. On the gravy kaledo it was very fresh with a dominant sour and spicy.

If you’re lucky, you can get the sum-sum. how to eat sum-sum more unique. will be presented with a dropper for the sum-sum in a bone. So yummy 

But if they don’t want to eat kaledo of the bone, the restaurant stereo also rovides meat kaledo that have been dismembered. According to Arni, usually meat kaledo the cut is presented to children.

If you eat kaledo in a restaurant, the stereo to serve at 9 a.m. to 22:00 pm daily. While the price offered for one serving of kaledo don’t spend enough of Rp 45 thousand, you can eat food of Kaili. As for meat kaledo a priced at Rp 25 thousand per portion. ***

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