Togean and Lore Lindu Defined National Park, Destinasi a Tour Seed

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ISLAND Togena of Tojo Una-Una (Touna) and National Park Role Lindu in Sigi Regency and in the moment is included in the Strategic National (KSN), based on the determination of that, then the two regions different is used as Destinasi a Tour seed by the Government of Central Sulawesi province.

Destinasi a Tour seed was strengthened with the regulations of local governments mellui the Governor Regulation (gubernatorial) number 35 in 2016 about the appointment Destinasi a Tour Prioritas.

” Togean and National Park Lore Lindu be selected as a destination of excellence for the region have been included as a strategic area of the National as well as a strategic area of tourism, ” said Head of marketing parawisata, of the Department of Tourism and Economic Creativity (Disparekraf) Sulyeng, Syamsuddin, on Monday (20/2).

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Because Togean and TNLL a recognition of the Central Government, through the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) so that the two regions was given several awards and recognition as a tourist areas.

The TNLL, in particular the Besoa the Lore of the Poso, there are a variety of the megaliths were the oldest and most of its kind in Indonesia. In the valley, there is also the megaliths were Tadulako not away from the village of Doda, as well as various statues of the prehistoric times to the cultural heritage Pokekea.

” Almost every village in Lembah Besoa that heritage in the form of sculpture, “.

In addition, Syamsuddin, it was currently planning the establishment of two tourist attractions are included in a leading tourist of Central Sulawesi, the Lake Lindu and the Sambori the Morowali.

To support access to transportation to the location, the government continues to complete infarstruktur support. ***

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