Reduce PRB, Innovation is Ready to Launch

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In the framework of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Chief Executive of Morowali Regional Disaster Mitigation Coordinating Board (BKPBD), Yosar Kardiat will launch a new innovation, “PR2 Management Information System Based Web2_SMS”.

This was explained during a special interview in his office on Tuesday (05/09/2017). As for some of the things behind the launching of the program is the number of personnel, infrastructure facilities are very limited not proportional to burden the work and the area of work, and inadequate operational funds.

Morowali district is particularly vulnerable to disasters especially earthquakes due to the active Matano passing through East Bungku and Bahodopi sub-districts. Furthermore, the environmental impacts of nickel mining activities in Morowali District are floods and landslides. Most importantly according to Yosar, that almost most of Morowali district (90 percents) has been able to access Telkomsel signal with Web2_SMS-based information technology system is cheap and rich benefits.

Meanwhile, the objectives of the program itself are the realization of DRR MIS and Web2_SMS-based disaster base map data, as well as the realization of an information management process that can support the implementation of the DRR program with 3 “Responsive, Quick Action and Quickly Complete” motto.

Yosar also explained in detail the benefits of the program itself. “There are four benefits that can be expected from this program, namely increased awareness of the disaster, then planning and analysis of preparedness in facing the disaster, increasing community participation in disaster management, and decision making in terms of disaster risk reduction can be fast and accurate” explains Yosar.

As a manifestation of the launch of the program, Yosar said it has coordinated and will cooperate with Telkomsel, so that any information about the PRB will be directly to all mobile phone numbers with a capacity of ten thousand users. **

Reporter: Mr. Bambang sumantri

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