Kasman Fights Against the Reduce of Status Donggala Port

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Reporter/Donggala: Syamsir Hasan

Muat Lebih

THE DONGGALA Port is the economic center of Donggala, that
people working in the service sector by relying on ports. The decision to
reduce the status of this port, of course, dispelled hopes of returning the
glory of Donggala Port. Donggala Regent Kasman Lassa, said on Tuesday

“Donggala has been hit by disaster, instead
it was attacked behind. On behalf of the government, we will fight against the
issuance of the Ministry of Transportation’s letter Number 76 in 2018. Before
the presidential election we will go to Jakarta to meet Vice President Yusuf
Kalla, then the Ministry of Transportation,” said Kasman Lassa,

According to Kasman, the issuance of Permenhub
letter number 76 which resulted in the status of Donggala Port dropping, was
laden with the interests of a handful of individuals who deliberately took over
Donggala Port in the midst of communities experiencing earthquake and tsunami

“Since I was appointed as the Donggala Regent
in the first period, Donggala Port is my first priority. Donggala District
Government seeks to separate Donggala Port from Pantoloan Port and have its own
KUPP and we get three SK of the Ministry (Ministry of Transportation,
Kemenkumham and Menpan) that we have identified as the legality of Donggala
Port to stand alone (autonomy),” said Kasman Lassa.  
Kasman Lassa regretted that the rules were
suddenly made without notice before him.

“There is no other word than to fight. The
Donggala Regent and Donggala DPRD will depart for Jakarta in the near future. I
will bring the legality proof of Donggala Port and ask why in the midst of the
disaster that we have experienced, another trial will emerge, Donggala Port
will change status,” he concluded.

On the other place, the Chair of Donggala DPRD
Commission I, Abubakar Aljufrie said that the status of Donggala Port was like
the second Tsunami for Donggala and the Donggala Regency Representative Council
members will go to Jakarta with the Donggala Regent, to solve the problem

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