Alkhairaat is Like a Bright Spring

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DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan 

Reporter: Ikhsan Madjido

ALKHAIRAAT Education Institution which was founded by Habib Sayyid Idrus Bin Salim Aljufri or Guru Tua is like a brilliant spring from Central Sulawesi (Central Sulawesi) that flows to various parts of Indonesia.

“51 years ago the old teacher died, but only his life and body were no longer with us, but his knowledge, charity, the impact we still feel today. Alkhairaat is like a brilliant spring in Central Sulawesi that flows throughout Indonesia, “said DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan in his remarks while attending the 51-year Haul of Guru Tua or Al-Habib Idrus bin Salim Al-Jufri on Saturday (6/15/2019 )

The bright springs that he meant were the spirit of spreading Islam, especially educating the public to become knowledgeable, charitable and have commendable behavior through educational institutions or organizations that he built which were later named Alkhairaat.

Alkhiraat should not only be seen as the legacy of Guru Tua, but Guru Tua themselves are pious scholars who always think of the future by building Alkhairaat education. During his life, Guru Tua managed to build 600 more madrassas.

“We all hope from haul like this, not only remembering the death of the old teacher, but also taking lessons and lessons. When I send teachers outside the area, the challenges are extraordinary. Then seeing what Guru Tua did 100 years ago is certainly very heavy, “said Anies in front of tens of thousands of residents from various regions in Indonesia and the Abnaulkhairaat who were on the occasion.

He invited all levels of society, especially the younger generation in Central Sulawesi to be able and continue the struggle and enthusiasm of Guru Tua especially in the field of education.

Because the toughest challenge faced today is the ability to read the changing times. If the public is able to read the changing times, he is sure that Guru Tua ‘s struggle will continue.

“Weaknesses of Muslims are not capable or incapable, but often do not read the times. But the old teacher read the times and prepared his generation to be able to play a role in his day,” Anies said.**

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