In Central Sulawesi, Every day 30-40 die by narcotics

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 Source: Humpro Central Sulawesi

NARCOTICS Is an extraordinary crime with the impact that is far more destructive
and deadly than the spread of radicalism, trafficking terrorism and other acts
of crime.

In Central Sulawesi the prevalence of drugs has touched 1.70% or
approximately 36,594 people from a total population of 2,154,000 who also
started from the age group of 10 to 59 years. 
The number of deaths from drugs every day is in the range of 30 to 40 people.

According to BNN data, the prevalence or number of those exposed to
drugs in Indonesia has now reached 1.77% or approximately 3,376,115 people from
the total population of Indonesia, which is 190,650,400 people, ranging from
the age group of 10 to 59 years.

This was revealed by the Governor of Central Sulawesi through Expert
Staff for Economics and Development, Muhammad Nizam, at the Central Sulawesi
Province’s 2019 Anti Narcotics Day Commemoration, in one of the hotels in Palu
on Wednesday (6/26/2019).

“To protect and safeguard human resources (HR) or the younger
generation as future leaders, efforts must be made to tackle drugs as a whole.
Starting from prevention, so that it is not contaminated, “he said.

Recovery or rehabilitation for those who already use it also needs to
be done. In addition, the prosecution of dealers and makers, with the rule of
law that is not selective. Punish them as much as possible, so that there is a
deterrent effect.

“The younger generation, is the foundation of hope that will
continue the baton of leadership and national development. So, they need to be
involved in totality, as activists in campaigning for prevention and
eradication of drug abuse and circulation, “he said.

Nizam added, this is because, the younger generation or more popular
with the term millennial generation, every day is always in contact with touch
screen technology. If it is used positively, it will be very helpful in
disseminating information and efforts to combat the abuse and illicit
trafficking of narcotics in the community. Which is in line with the national
theme this year, namely millennial health without drugs being Indonesia gold.

“My hope is that all parties present will be heartbroken to merge
with the Provincial BNN, in a collaborative effort to protect and sterilize all
environmental components, from drugs. Let us create a clean and free drug from
Central Sulawesi. “Central Sulawesi rises, stops drugs, drugs no,
achievements yes,” he said.**

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