Residents Disobey Disaster-Prone Zones

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Weak Socialization

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Reportase: Ikhsan Madjido

THE MAP OF Disaster-prone zone (ZRB) that has been issued by the central
government is very strong because it was signed by four ministers, the Head of
BNPB, the Governor of Central Sulawesi, the Chairman of the Central Sulawesi
DPRD, the Mayor of Palu, the Regent of Donggala and the Regent of Sigi.

So it is very naive if the community builds or re-builds in the red zone only for reasons that regional 
regulations have not been made.
The Central Sulawesi disaster observer, Abdullah, regretted that there
were still Palu residents who did not comply with the map of the Disaster Prone
Zone (ZRB) while still building shelter and surviving in the area.

“Hopefully there is no person who fools the community by saying
just go back or just build it there (red zone) because there is no
charge,” Abdullah said, in Palu, Wednesday (12/6/2019).

Even though it concerns the regional regulations, if the provincial
regulation is only signed by the governor, the municipal regional regulation of
Palu mayor and regency regulation by the regent 
Moreover, the occurrence of the disaster did not choose whether the
area had been settled or not.

“But what is very unfortunate is if the government is only”
silent “in the case, even though it is very closely related to the safety
of life and property of citizens,” explained this academy Untad.

According to him, it seems that the government is less going to the
field, in direct contact with the residents.

The government should provide information on the importance of
complying with the ZRB Map without having to wait for the revision of the
Central Sulawesi Provincial RTRW Regulation, Palu City, Sigi or the Donggala
RTRW Perda.

Although stakes and markers have been installed including appeals to
not build such as on the beach, liquefaction area and above faults. But that is
not enough.

“Signs and bulletin boards are not enough. “There must be
direct socialization with the citizens, moreover it is already evident that the
stakes and bulletin boards are ineffective,” he argued.

He added, the BPBD neglected to socialize the map. Socialization,
Abdullah suggested, did not have to go to the field.

“It can be done in the BPBD hall or the hall of each sub-district
office by inviting representative groups of disaster victims,”
​​he advised.

The member of the Palu-Koro expedition and Poso expedition team also
emphasized that the regional regulations or officers regarding spatial planning
only specify the “content” of the ZRB map, not strengthen it, because
the ZRB map is legally stronger than the regional regulations especially the
regency / guard / regency.

“And specifically the zones in the ZRB map are actually detailed,
it is only necessary to socialize them intensively to the residents, while
making regulations or regulations / regulations / regulations regarding their
respective RTRW revisions,” he said.

The head of the Central Sulawesi Regional Disaster Management Agency
(BPBD), Bartholomeus Tandigala acknowledged the lack of socialization.

“Yes, that’s right. Because Huntap’s preparation is still under
construction, so there are people who can’t wait. This is the situation that is
happening now,” he said.

But it promised to always socialize to the community after the
completion of the construction of earthquake-resistant Huntap and was built in
a safe area.

In line with Abdullah, his party will prepare relevant socialization
material, synchronous between the material from the provincial BPBD, Palu, Sigi
and Donggala). It was delivered by the speaker who mastered the problem.

“Later it will be determined by the schedule and place, the
participants will be representatives of disaster victims, both the type of
disaster and the location of the disaster,” he said, agreeing to

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