Heavy Metal Contaminated Morowali Marine: Research Said

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Study on Morowali Marine suspected polluted by heavy metal

Reporter: Bambang Sumantri

In Morowali Regency, analysis of heavy metals was
carried out due to the impact of mining activities. This follow-up research is
the second time after the initial research in 2019, precisely in January.

Research in July is continued with the same sampling
point, with the area ranging from the outermost islands of Menui Islands
District to Bungku Tengah District.

These areas are suspected of being contaminated by heavy

The general chairman of Sombori Diving Club (SDC)
Morowali, Kasmudin, as a Local Assistant said that the research was coordinated
directly by the Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Samratulangi
University Manado, North Sulawesi, Prof.DR. Ir. Farnis B. Dolls, M.Sc
accompanied by other lecturers.

Field coordinator, Prof. Dr. Ir Inekke F.M. Rumengan,
M.Sc with DR. Ir. Ari B. Rondonuwu, M.Sc, M.Si DR. Ir. Nego E. Bataragoa, M.Sc
Dr. Ir. Gustaf Mamangkey, M.Sc, Phd. Dr. Ir. Unstain Rembet, M.Sc and 7
teaching assistants, as well as two PT Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park
(IMIP) Environmental Monitoring teams.

This time, several facilities were prepared by the team
from SDC Morowali, namely diving equipment and two speed boats. In addition,
some of the equipment used in Oceanographic research samples were taken
directly by the lecturer team. These equipment are Water Quality Checker,
Plankton Net, Sediment Grab, Sechi Disc, Scuba Tools, and Underwater Cameras.

Professor Inekke F M. Rumengan hopes that the research
will continue continuously every year, with direct support from PT IMIP so that
the condition of the waters in the Morowali Regency area continues to be

Meanwhile, Kasmudin, General Chair of Morowali SDC and
also as an alumni of the UNHAS Fisheries Faculty, hopes that with the results
of this study several months can provide awareness to the Morowali District
Government to care more about the marine environment which has been categorized
as polluted.

“We are waiting for the full laboratory results
from the Lecturer Team in analyzing the level of marine pollution in Morowali
Regency, hopefully we can quickly find out together,” said Kasmudin.**

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