North Tatura Village Office Disbursed Social Assistance and a Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH)

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Foto: Alsih Marselina
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Palu- The North Tatura disbursed north Palu district in Central Sulawesi of Palu City has Provided Social assistance ((Bantuan Sosial) of Covid 19 and the Program Keluarga Harapan(PKH or Family Hope Program) since on May 4th 2020.
For the Pendamping Keluarga Harapan (PKH or Family Hope Program).

The Chief man of North Tatura Firman is said that given are to elderly and 300 people. While for basic foods was intended to 139 people in participants on May 9th 2020. Each basic food contains five kilograms of rice and one kilograms of sugar. He said on News (14/05/2020).

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Firman also added is social assistance was distributed 30 kg of rice for three month to 230 of households (KK). But until now the matter of receiving data on social assistance to be continued verified by the social office.

As a chief man, Firman is hoped that the of institutions can work together, especially about the date so that who are too received can be accommodated. He is explained.

In the photo caption is the head of North Tatura Village north Palu District, Firman’s front office receive of the citizens who will receiving social assistance, the Pendamping Keluarga Harapan or Family Hope Program (PKH), and others. ***

Reporter: ALSIH Marselina

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