Palu is on the way to Zero Covid-19, do we need to be cautious?

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Palu city, Alhamdulillah, a took off to zero or the green zone of covid 19 in Palu City until now. The three hospitals to the handling referring of the Corona virus in the capital of Central Sulawesi (Central Sulawesi), said the patients confirmed had been to their homes returned.

One of family from Tatanga Sub district was declared cured of Covid-19, several patients also at Madani Hospital Palu get well, yesterday the three confirmed of patients were also declared recovered and home returned.

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Madani Hospital Palu Of course the things is becomes a breath of fresh air based on the Palu City citizen. Where become of plague which is very scary before. So the government temporarily close the place of worship and suggest worship in their homes. It aims it aims to break the chain of distribution of Covid-19.

But, behind all that, do we still need to be aware of the second wave of pandemic that could explode at any time in Palu City? Of course there is no want it.

The proof, although is currently in Palu City to zero covid 19. The local government is checks of tighter examination on land access at several of the border points in Palu City.

As well as new normal even though has Even though the Airport of Sis-Aljufrie has begun to reopen, it is limited to 50 percent of passengers, having a negative Covid certificate based on the PCR swab results. The flight route is still limited to Palu-Makassar and Jakarta only.

Until now being a polemic, there was a controversy between the labels which had become spread a local transmission of Covid 19 in Palu. Of course that becomes a boomerang for the government and society.

Example few days before Eid. Social distancing or keeping distance is not valid in Palu City. At the canter of the crowd, it seems residents are willing to jostle for the sake of hunting of Eid trinkets.

From those things, is there anyone who disregards people who underestimate the social distance has the potencial to transmit the Corona virus to other residents? Do we need to be vigilant or just give up everything to god?
Hopefully in Central Sulawesi the pandemic will end soon especially of Palu City. So that all activities of community can be normal resume. Other than
Hopefull the regional government is expected to continue all access routes, both land see and air in Palu City. ***

Reporter/Translate: Firmansyah Lawawi/Sarifasrah

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