A case of IV bridge is being investigated

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Palu City,- The High Prosecutor’s Office in Central Sulawesi Province (Central Sulawesi) is still under investigation regarding the payment of the Palu IV Bridge Project.

Previously, there have been 4 Legislative Members of former (Anleg) who have been examined in Central Sulawesi Prosecutor’s Office, but until now the ex-Anlegs have not been as suspects.

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The head of public relations in Cental Sulawesi, Inti Astuti said that on 1 to 2 July 2020, Central Sulawesi Prosecutors have examined 7 people related to the problem
Fron on 1 July to 2 last july, We are investigating a 7 person with initials IL, DW, IC, HK, RZ, SA and MW. But we are still investigating this case,” said Inti Astutik to kailipost.com, on Friday (07/03).

These cases, continued the Head of Public Relations, will continue and there are still parties associated with the same case will be examined in Central Sulawesi Prosecutor’s Office. ***

Reporter/translate: Muhamad Nizam/Sarifasrah

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