Ogoh-Ogoh Parade Celebrates Nyepi in Palu

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Few Hindu Youth carried out the ogoh-ogoh
parade in Nyepi day, Saka New Year 1939 in Palu. Thousands along Jabal Nur, from
Soekarno Hatta street till Rajamoili street convoyed by the parade. There were
at least seven ogoh-ogoh of various sizes and types follow the parade. The
cheers of bearers convoyed along the parade.

A number of residents was trying to
capture the rally, including pictures taken and shared-selfie of a really
spooky ogoh-ogoh. The parade ended at Pura Agung Wanakerta Jagatnatha Palu.

Each year the celebration of Nyepi in Palu always celebrated with a parade of
ogoh ogoh, in addition to being its own ritual for Hindus, ogoh ogoh parade was
an awesome spectacle and entertaining for the people who pass through it. One
of those who followed the activity stated, ogoh ogoh is a symbolic of bad
attitudes of human and nature that we often face.

Meanwhile, at the last minutes of the evening of Nyepi celebration, Hindus in
Palu took tawur Agung prayers to dross in the Pura Agung Wana Kertha Jagatnatha
Palu. During Nyepi, Hindus will be fasting began at 00.00 am for 24 hours. “During
Nyepi day, Hindus will be fasting and not doing any activities, so kept being
silent to contemplate, ” he explained. **

Reporter: Annas Ahabsyi Usman

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