Assets of Toli-Toli GovernmentDiscovered One by One

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TOLITOLI,- ASSETS of Toli-Toli Government started to be found one by one. The discovered assets consisted of motorcycles and cars and were found partially in Palu. Head of Asset Regional Finance Department (BKD) for Tolitoli, Usman Halim explained, the discovery of government assets thanks to the success of team work. Due to the curbing of assets in the area, BKD has recently formed a detective team involving staff in the field of assets.

“The detective team was the one who found the vehicle, some were found hammering, if the car was found in Toli-Toli and there were more motorbikes in Bugil had been found confiscated,” said Usman Halim, Thursday (14/09/2017).

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In search of the missing official vehicle, it turns out the average broken, including terano car type, there are even motorcycles left only with the body found in Palu. Head of Asset Regional Finance Department in Toli-Toli said that the assets that have been lost now continue to be searched. The search is in the framework of controlling the listing as an integrated preventive measure of corruption.

“Hence in improving the recording of this asset we still hold the data. Any assets which are lost, we search,” he convinced. In search of lost assets in Toli-Toli District, it will spur until the end of the year. Because the search for this asset has been running since the beginning of the year.

“This is one proof that we are not joking, all the lost assets and still controlled by those who are not responsible will be sought,” said Usman. Usman is convinced that the asset management in Toli-Toli will be immediately completed so that the coming year will no longer be the findings of BPKP. “It’s not good if we always find out about assets, so we are trying to record the assets to prevent problematic stuff next year,” said Usman. **

Reporter/Bureau Tolitoli: Ramlan

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