Koramil of Central BungkuBack to Open Reading Home

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MOROWALI,- KORAMIL 1311 01 Middle Bungku re-open the Reading Home Wira Pustaka Library, Monday (04/09/2017). After several weeks the reader was not visited, this time a number of elementary school students (SD) visited the reading house and immediately took some books to read.

Danramil 1311-01 Central Bungku, Captain Inf Sukamto explained that the activity is carried out in order to increase the interest of reading and learning to school children, especially the elementary school level when walking home and walking about 1 hour. “This house we re-open read and Alhamdulillah elementary school children who came home from school immediately stopped to read some books” he explained.

Although the type of book has not been so much, but Danramil said every day will keep open the house read and seek the addition of books that can be various types, and adults are expected to take advantage of the container.

Sau, one of the 3rd graders who came to read the house admitted happy to have a place to read and immediately took the story book. “Go back to school with my friends just stop looking at here, we were told to go in, I take the new story book I read, tomorrow we want to stop again,” he said.**

Reporter/Bureau Morowali: Bambang Sumantri

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