Central Bungku Police Sector Socializes the Mandatory of Using Helmets

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MOROWALI,- THE POLICE Sector of Central Bungku held a mandatory socialization of helmets to motorcyclists, at the intersection of Mendui urban road, Central Bungku Distrct, Thursday (28/09/2017). Dozens of motorcycles owned by motorists who did not use helmets were arrested and immediately ordered to take the helmet first so that the motorcycle can be taken back.

Vice of Chief Police Officer Central Bungku confirmed AKP Sugianto said that motorists who do not use helmets have not been charged, only given directives and strong reprimands so that the rider is aware and obey the rules of traffic for the safety of the rider himself. “Currently we have not made a pen for a rider who does not use a helmet, because this is only the stage of socialization, we still provide direction only to use the helmet for the safety of the rider himself” he said.

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It added that the compulsory socialization of the helmet will continue until one week before the implementation of the upcoming zebra operation on December 2017. “This socialization will continuously hold until one week before the zebra operation in December. This is already ran from last Wednesday, but we also hope that the riders obey the traffic rules primarily the use of helmets” he said.**

Reporter/Bureau Morowali: Bambang Sumantri

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