Political Party Plow Women on DPD

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Picture : Iksan Madjido

AWARDING 2019 general elections many female
activists are hijacked by political parties to fulfill the 30% quota as a
condition to become election participants.

Thus expressed female activist, Risnawati from Sikola
Mombine Institute, to Kaili Post via Whatsapp, Sunday (6/5/2018).

“This is done by many political parties to be eligible
to become election participants next year and fulfill 30% women’s kouata
required by General Election Commission (KPU) so that many political parties
hunt female cadres,” she said.

This resulted in the absence of prospective members of the
Regional Representative Council (DPD) RI from the women register at the Central
Sulawesi Election Commission.

In addition she thinks it is unfortunate because Sikola
Mombine is very encouraging political participation of women, some time ago we
tried to discuss and support each other, but at our level the activists tried
to consistently escort the various problems in the community, especially women.

“Another analysis of women would prefer the legislative
path as a strategic space to engage in practical politics, because the
budgeting and supervisory policies inherent in the DPRD, are different from the
limited DPD,” she said.

“I think activist friends are critical enough to see
that whether they are just hijacked or a serious party in responding to Law No.
2 of 2008 article 2, paragraph 5, because the attitude of women to go into
practical politics certainly departs from the concerns. Firstly, the
fulfillment of women’s representation quota, secondly that DPR becomes a
strategic step to intervene in gender-responsive budget policy,” she

Seeing from the absence of women representation in the
Regional Representative Council (DPD) five years into the future, prove that
politics is rational mathematically, transactional for who gets what.

“DPD is a single fighter at his own expense, energy and
mind alone. As for the legislative candidates, they are assisted by political
party machines and political party strategies, in addition to the expenses
incurred or campaign spending to win the DPD seat is also very large, while for
the authority of DPD is still not equivalent to the House of Representatives,”
she said.

Apart from that, the Sikola Mombine Institute is still doing
a simple assessment, trying to get more in-depth information, so that it can
get real data and information related to this situation.**

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