Study in the Bamboo Hut, Tragic

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THE STATE Elementary School (SDN) 21 Palu in Tatanga Subdistrict, Palu City is in a very poor condition. After the earthquake on September 28, the school no longer had adequate classrooms for teaching and learning activities.

About seven buildings of the school located in Kelurahan Boyaoge were damaged. Indeed the building hasn’t collapsed, but seeing the damage, the school is worried that the building will collapse. So the school set up emergency tents for assistance from Unicef ​​not far from the school location.

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After assistance from the Ministry of Education and Culture, the school then established an emergency school.

A total of 206 students of class I to VI were forced to study in this emergency school with the condition of tarpaulin roofing rooms and walls made of woven bamboo like cattle pens.

When it rains, the practical teaching and learning activities at the school have to be stopped. The emergency school that was built since 6 months ago is more like a shack than a school building.

Daily Executive Director of SDN 21 Palu, Tri Haryani said the weathered bamboo walls at this time had endangered the health condition of students. So far there have been three students who have to be hospitalized, some of which are caused by dust that has been blocked.

“There are seven days in the hospital, there are 3 students, first class, two and five. The reason according to parents is because of ash from bamboo, and if the class 5 says it has rheumatism or what, I do not understand, maybe because of dust, because he is short of breath,” explained Tri Haryani, Thursday (04/11/2019).

Not only does it have an impact on health conditions, the teaching and learning activities (KBM) also cannot run optimally.

“KBM has not been able to work properly, because when it’s 9 o’clock, the children are already nervous. We can’t blame the children, if there is no attention while studying. Even to ask Mom when is the break, actually break 9:15, but, now no longer, because it’s hot, and we have to understand that it’s like that,” she said.

“Even students complain, so students also use masks while studying. When it rains, it often goes through inside the room. And we have also reported this to the authorities, the UPTD has reviewed,” she added.

The Head of the Education and Culture Office of Palu City, Ansyar Sutiadi confirmed that, according to him, right, and we have told the new Principal to replace bamboo with other materials, and in the near future it will be implemented.

“The funds spent to replace it will use BOS funds, and other funds that are of assistance from related parties outside the Ministry of Education and Culture. And the BOS funds are allowed for sarpras 30 percent, and that does not require large costs only for labor costs,” Ansyar said when contacted via Whatsapp.**

Reporter: Yohanes Clemens

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