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FAST MOVEMENT Of Library and Filing Services lately, deserves appreciation. After, the launching of Reading by presenting the Regent of Poso a few months ago, the Office is based in the Village of Lombugia, will launch ‘Smart House’ in the Village Sayo. To reach more readers, the Office, led by Dr. Wangintowe Tundugi, also activates the Mobile Library.

Encountered in his office a few days ago, Head of Library and Filing of Poso District said that the existence of mobile library is expected to penetrate some remote villages, far from the touch of reading material. However, Wangintowe said, it also responds to the ongoing community dynamics.

“So we are still observing the situation of the people, in certain momentum Pusling can be present in certain areas because there is a literacy agenda, for example in the cultural charm and tourism of the last Central Sulawesi, we are also there,” explained Wangintowe.

Former Head of Education and Culture added, for the effectiveness of Pusling mobility, his side also collaborated with P & K Office, in order to present more varied books. “So in general through Pusling we are targeting 3 main objectives namely, schools, public spaces, and other reading community”, said Wangintowe, optimistic can synergize with other literacy activists.

Known, until now the new mobile library has 2 units of four-wheeled vehicles that every week move closer the book to the public. “Our vehicle is only 2 units, but with high mobility, so far our target can be reached on time”, said Wangintowe. **

Reporter/bureau poso: Darwis Waru

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