Regent: I belong to All Groups

EVENTUALLY,  Regional Board of Poso Taklim Contact Board (BKMT) Poso, the period 2017-2022 was inaugurated by the Chairman of BKMT Central Sulawesi, Dra.Hafsah S.Pattah. In the inauguration ceremony, the Regent of Poso Darmin Agustinus Sigilipu was pleased to present and give a direct response.

In his speech, Darmin referred to women as family administrators and has a significant role in regional development. ‘’I want to realize Poso as a smart City, a beautiful city, its people radiate cheerfulness, fair government, in a peaceful area toward Sumatra,’’ Darmin explained in front of the audience. He also regretted the current situation and conditions with the presence of certain parties who want to pit between one tribe with another tribe, by trying to provoke the seeds of conflict.

The inauguration ceremony themed ‘Confirmed the Role of Da’wah & Tarbiyah Toward Smart Poso’, was also attended by the Regional Communications Forum of Regional Leaders (FKPD), Regional Board of BKMT Central Sulawesi Province Hj. Rusmiati Djali, Head of Religious Affairs Office of Poso Regency represented by Head of Bimas Islam Azhar, S.Ag, and other invitees.

At the end of his speech, the Regent of Poso appealed to all BKMT boarders who have been inaugurated to play an active role in maintaining diversity. “Let’s build this Tana Poso for the better. As the Government, the existence of the Regent and Vice Regent, belongs to all races, tribes and religions in Poso District, so it will not discriminate in terms of service “, said Poso Regent, Darmin Agustinus Sigilipu. **

Editor/bureau of poso: Darwis waru

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