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Muhammad Ramli SPd, MM, the principal of SMKN 1 PETASIA one of the schools in Kolonodala Bahoue District, Petasia sub-district, North Morowali. He was determined to make SMKN 1 Petasia as a pre-eminent school in Central Sulawesi in the East.

There have been many programs and activities since he led the school since 2004. From his cold hand, Ramli implements discipline on educators (teachers), employees and students. The goal, with the discipline will easily achieve the expected goals. Similarly, the relationship between fellow teachers and students built a symbiotic relationship. Social relationships that guide, nurture and educate. ” If the school atmosphere has been disciplined, building a good relationship between teachers and students with a family relationship must have created a good teaching and learning environment and success, ” Ramli told Kaili Post while visiting the school.

Preparing the National Examination then, every student in a week was carrying extracurricular activities, mental preparation, computer skills so that students do not awkwardly face the national exam. ” It has been 10 years since I started this school. Throughout six consecutive years, students graduated 100% out of the number of students in 2017 graduated 143 people in accordance with the vision of this school. The realization of Graduates who are ready to work, competitive, science and technology, Imtaq, and care about the environment, ” he said. Ramli said that the implementation of education in SMKN 1 Petasia aims to produce graduates who are expected to be able to demonstrate the stability of spiritual intelligence (SQ) in relation to faith, taqwa and morals in the life of dynamic and modern society, democratic and honest in religious and cultural pluralism and ethnicity, improve intellectual intelligence (IQ) and technical skills, improve competence by learning independently, and improve emotional intelligence (EQ), he said.

Ramli hopes that the citizens could support each other for the progress of North Morowali, and Teaching Education Office of  Central Sulawesi to pay attention to the needs of SMKN 1 Petasia, especially access of road entrance to school. Currently the condition is very apprehensive and not feasible to pass and fence around the school. ” Until now there is no school fence because it can interfere with student learning, ” explained Ramli.

He presents the year 2016, the achievements of SMKN1 Petasia are a general champion of OSTN, LKS, O2SN, and FLS2N, 1st winner of Indonesian and English level debate of North Morowali, 1st winner of OSTN, technical mathematics, LKS Auto GAD (drawing technique Building), 2nd winner of LKS electronic application, 2nd winner of O2SN in Badminton for Men’s Singles, 3rd winner in Men’s Singles, 1st winner of LKS Computer Engineering, 3rd winner of FLS2N for reading short story, and 2nd winner of PTK teacher achievement at provincial level, he concluded. **

Reporter: pariaman tambunan

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