Election Schedule Vice Regent is Not Yet Clear!

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Palu City,-  UP UNTIL Yesterday, the election schedule of deputy governor who became the domain of Panlih Vice Governor of Central Sulawesi is not clear. Erwin Lamporo as Secretary of the Vice Governor’s Election Committee, told Kaili Post on May 30, 2017 yesterday in his office that his side cannot confirm when the election of Vice Governor will be and who is selected.

Because Panlih (election commitee) has not received a letter from the Governor about the nomination of the Vice Governor’s nomination.

As reported, the letter of proposing Governor Longki Djanggola has been sent to the DPRD. However, until now, Erwin has not reached Panlih as the election committee. ” So we cannot confirm yet when the election of the Vice Governor will be implemented. ” He said. Having not received a letter from the Governor, Panlih is waiting until now.

Known the replacement of the post of Deputy Governor of Central Sulawesi (late) Sudarto. Who died on October 1, 2016 then, of course need to form a selection committee to capture prospective candidates who will nominate themselves as Vice Governor of Central Sulawesi, for prospective candidates who will accompany Governor Longki Djanggola, really filtered well. **

reporter/editor: Bebi /Ramdan otoluwa

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