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POSO,- A FEW Days passed, villagers of Tongko Village District, cleaned up. For your information, in the Village located on the Road between Poso-Ampana, in the near future will be implemented some activities with the level of province, called Bakti Karang Taruna (BBKT). The activities scheduled to take place from September 17-22, 2017, will be attended by all districts/cities in Central Sulawesi.

According to the Chairman of Karang Taruna Simpotove, Tongko Village, Yazid Amri, based on reports received from the Provincial Committee in Palu, 7 days prior to the event, there are already ten contingents to ensure their participation, namely Palu, Sigi, Donggala, Tolitoli, Buol, Parigi Moutong, Touna, Morowali, Banggai, and Poso as the host. “Especially we are in Poso District, will also bring some Karang Taruna from several districts. So the number of contingents is estimated to be at least 15 contigents. “, explained Yazid to Kaili Post, yesterday afternoon.

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He added that as a form of the readiness of Poso youth, especially Karang Taruna Tongko Village, since 5 days ago the local committee has conducted an inter-village soccer tournament so that once the opening ceremony of BBKT took place, ended with the prizes given for the champions of the tournament. “So the game that exists now, we can say as a BBKT pre-activity of Central Sulawesi.

Monitoring of Kaili Post yesterday morning at Tongko Village, the women villagers are vigorously preparing a number of residents’ houses which will be the participant’s lodgings, while the village head and his apparatus are conducting a marathon meeting, to discuss the technical implementation of the activities planned to be opened by the Governor of Central Sulawesi, Longki Djanggola.

The information collected at the Tongko Village Office said that each district’s contingent will present 10 members, accompanied by their respective coaches. Therefore, the number of participants is expected to reach 500 people. **

Reporter/Editor: Darwis Waru

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