National Dialogue Generates Palu Declaration for Indonesia

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PALU,- NATIONAL Dialogue of Libu Ntodea revitalizes the nation’s cultural values, among Kraton Kings, Sultans, traditional figures, religious figures and mass organizations throughout Indonesia, hosted in SwissBell Hotel Palu, finally produced some decisions that poured into a Palu Decralation for Indonesia. This is summarized in the closing ceremony of FPPN at Talise Beach Pavilion in Palu, (27/9/2017).

Several representatives from the community above, among others are Nodesta Boesta, Prof. Dr. Ir. Puty Reynold Rauda Said. MP, the representatives, Susilo Edy Purwanto, Umu Remi, the representative of Society Organization, Prof. Dr. Ali Imron. AM. On the opportunity, of Susilo Edy Purwanto as a reader of the declaration manuscript said that from the result of National Collective Discussion of kings, Sultan, tradition leaders, religious figures and mass organizations recommend the results in a mutual agreement; Committed fully and ready to defend Pancasila, the 45th Constitution and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, supporting the revitalization of the nation’s cultural values in order to maintain the unity of Republic of Indonesia and willing to participate in preserving the local culture. He also added that this bias we apply into the lives of all of us who uphold the value of customs that are based on trust to God Almighty.**

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Translete/Reporter: Jesica Porogoi/Firmansyah

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