Socialization of Sustainable Forest Management System

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MORUT,- FORESTRY Department on Technical Implementation Unit of Forest Management, Tepo Asa Aroa, visited the Wawo Village, Lembo sub-districts (27/09/2017) ago in the framework of socialization of sustainable forest management system in forest areas. The goal is to engage the sustainable forest by erosion reduction. The socialization was attended by Head of Wawo Village along with his staff and Wawo community and other extension workers as many as 13 people.

Head of Technical Implementation Unit of Forest Management, Tepo Asa Aroa, Patrich Frederich explained the grant of permission rights and HPHD partnership is granted to ie; Production forest and /or unlogged protected forest, protected forest managed by Perum Perhutani, a certain area within the FMU area.

”So the HPHD is given by the ministry or government after getting a recommendation from the Minister, ” said Patrich. For the applications equipped with a map of the proposed minimum location scale of 1: 50,000 are in the form of written documents and electronic copies in the form of shape files. IUPHHK-HTR applications are proposed by individuals who are forest farmers, forest farmer groups and forest farm unions.

Application of IUPHHK-HTR is submitted to the minister with a copy to: a) Governor (if addressed to the minister) b) Regent c) Head of Forest Conservation Area Unit of sixteenth area in Palu d) Head of Forest Management Unit. So, the implementation of HTR activities is carried out independently integrated with the wood industry of the people, can also be done in partnership with the timber industry (Primary or Advanced Wood Industry) as the guarantor of the sustainability of HTR Enterprises, said Patrich Frederich.**

Reporter/Bureau of Morut: Ien Mangunsong

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