UNDP Back-Up Recovery of Disaster Impacts

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Source: PR Central Sulawesi

THE UNITED Nation Development Program (UNDP) is committed to
overseeing the disaster recovery process in Central Sulawesi to completion.

This was conveyed by UNDP representative Budhi
Silaen during a visit to the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Central Sulawesi
Province Mohammad Hidayat Lamakarate on Wednesday (04/24/2019).

Budhi also said that UNDP would provide support
for Pusdatina’s performance towards single data and information related to
planning. In fact, UNDP will take a role in infrastructure development during
the rehabilitation and reconstruction period.

It is planned that UNDP will cooperate with the
German Government.

“So we will see the reconstruction rehab
action plan for us to take what activities will be carried out,” he said.

Budhi Silaen’s visit with Richard Makalew as UNFPA
Representative was received in the working room of the Secretary of Central
Sulawesi Province.

Richard Makalew as Representative of the United
Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), said that he would continue to provide support
to regional governments in accelerating recovery due to the impact of the
disaster and would continue to provide assistance to mothers of pregnant women
in refugee camps.
@Sekda Hidayat Lamakarate Meet a UNDP
This UN Population Fund, I Richard, will also do a
data collection on refugee communities whether the basic needs needed can then
be submitted to the government and institutions for input prevention materials.

Central Sulawesi Provincial Secretary, Mohammad Hidayat
Lamakarate, appreciated the support given by several institutions to accelerate
the recovery of the impact of the Central Sulawesi disaster, including UNDP,
UNFPA, IOM and other institutions.

Hidayat also greatly appreciated the plan of UNDP
in collaboration with the German Government in the construction of
infrastructure during the rehabilitation and reconstruction period.

“In the near future the Governor has ratified
the Governor’s Regulation on the Action Plan for the Rehabilitation of Disaster
Impact Reconstruction in Central Sulawesi, we hope that UNDP can realize the
plan,” he said.

To UNFPA, the Provincial Secretary of Hidayat
hoped that UNFPA’s support would be able to carry out data collection related
to the reasons the people still wanted to stay in the shelter and were not
interested in occupying the shelter that had been built. Then regarding the
needs of the people who are in shelter, especially the people who previously
owned a business. **

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