IDX re-operates the Central Sulawesi representative office

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TO BE Able to reach people in all over Indonesia, especially those affected by the earthquake on September 28, 2018 ago, the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) reactivated the IDX Representative Office (KP) of Central Sulawesi located in Palu City, precisely on Jalan Jenderal SudirmanNo.1, Petak 5 on Monday (22/4).

The reopening of the operational of the IDX KP Central Sulawesi also aims to introduce and bring the capital market closer to local governments, agencies, professional associations, and communities in Central Sulawesi Province. With the opening of the IDX KP in Central Sulawesi, there are currently 30 Representative Offices throughout Indonesia spread from Aceh to Papua.

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In the series of activating activities, the IDX KP of Central Sulawesi, on Saturday (11/5/2019) held a Journalist Workshop by inviting paper, online, radio and television media as a form of socialization to the public through meetings with local media.

Danang Purbo as a representative of the Indonesia Stock Exchange Central Sulawesi Representative Office and Feby as Phillip Sekuritas Indonesia’s Representative, was present as a guest speaker at the Journalist Workshop by giving material presentations related to updates on information on developments in the Indonesian Capital Market until the first Quarter of 2019 and Capital Market Products.

It is hoped that through the reopening of the operations of the IDX KP Central Sulawesi, it will increase investment awareness and increase the understanding of the wider community to invest properly and correctly in Central Sulawesi Province. In addition, the presence of the IDX in Palu City is expected to be an information center and consultation place for companies and business circles regarding funding mechanisms through the Indonesian Capital Market or Go Public.

Palu City currently has 1 (one) IDX Investment Gallery, located in the Faculty of Economics, Tadulako University. Thus there have been 417 IDX Investment Galleries, which are collaborations with campuses and non-campuses, with details of 397 IDX Investment Galleries on campus, 2 IDX Investment Galleries in Listed Companies, 7 IDX Investment Galleries on the market, and 11 other IDX Investment Galleries in collaboration with agencies, associations, Family Welfare Development (PKK) and cafe managers.

For information, as of March 29, 2019, the number of Capital Market investors in Central Sulawesi was 2,126 Single Investor Identification (SID), most of which were in Palu City, namely 1,101 SID.***

Source: IDX of Central Sulawesi

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