Longki reports the Hoax

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Accused Costing People Power

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 Reporter: ramdan otoluwa
HEAD OF the DPD of the Central Sulawesi Gerindra Party,
Longki Djanggola, denies hoax that said he is financing the people power

The hoax that spreads on Facebook’s social media network is in the form
of a picture of a Mercusuar newspaper, which is sure to be edited. The title of
the news is striking and accuses Longki, who is also the Governor of Central
Sulawesi, of financing people power, the issue most spoke lately.

“That’s hoax and irresponsible news. The edited newspaper sheets
were then distributed on social media, 
“Longki said through a message on
the Whatsapp communication network on Sunday (5/19/209).

He said, the month of Ramadan should be used by Muslims to carry out
useful activities such as sharing with others. Rather than spreading hoaxes
like that. .

The Daily Editor in Chief of Mercusuar Tasman Banto also objected to
the hoax spreader.

“We consider taking legal action for this action,” Tasman

At present, the DPD Advocacy and Legal Team of the Central Sulawesi
Gerindra Party led by Arena Jaya Parampasi is preparing a file to report cases
of the spread of these hoaxes to the Police.

“There are some people we will report to the police on Monday, May
20, 2019. They are on track. Our team is doing the spread of the hoax through
their social media accounts. We will base our report on the ITE Law,” said

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