A New School Year, Al-azhar Elementary School Greets The Student By Via Online

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Palu City, in the wake of a new school year, Al-Azhar Elementary School greets are students in victuals at Palu City. It’s mean to keep relationship between a teacher with their students and response to the enthusiasm of students who are eager to go to school on Tuesday (07/14).

One of the Al-Azhar Elementary School teachers, that there are still many obstacles encountered by the schools in greeting is students such as internet network constraints and there are still many students who have not been facilitated of gadget by their parents.

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“That problem is the Internet Network unstable and there are still many parents who have not facilitated their children with gadgets to support these activities” explained Mom Deah.

While, the head of Al-Azhar Elementary School, Mohammad Yatim that the pandemic also will be finished too, for children especially Al Azhar elementary school students, can return to school as before.

Because the school is a place to build children’s character, education at home and at school is different. Maybe in the house they only got knowledge, but in School in addition to the science. And also the school is building the character of Students. Yatim said this morning to kailipost. ***

Reporter: Muhamad Nizam

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