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Accepts an Award from Ministry  Of Education and Culture

PROUD, Happy, Touched and whatever other feelings that enveloped Moh Abdillah while accepting the award from the Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) of the Republic of Indonesia, Muhadjir Effendy on the anniversary of national education day 2017 in Jakarta, Tuesday (2/5).

A student of Lombok Elementary School, Tinombo Sub-district, Parmout District, was awarded for his achievement in the field of fairy tales and poetry. Abdillah beats thousands of  students in Indonesia who participated in the selection of outstanding students in the leading and outermost areas (3T) which is the program of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia.

In the program, only six students were selected all over Indonesia, one of them is Abdillah from Lauje ethnic of Lombok village, Tinombo district. Achievement by Abdillah is not easily achieved just like that. In 2011, he had won 1st place reading independence day poetry, Parmout District level, 1st winner of fairy tale Parmout District level in 2013 and the winner of speech for elementary level in 2015.

The achievement then escorted  the couple’s Son, Ayudin and Wirdaningsi to show a storytelling performance in front of the Vice President of Indonesia, Boediono on the Nusantara year 2013 in Palu. Head of Culture Office for Education and Culture of Parmout regency, F Eni Susilowati, SE, MM claimed to be proud of the achievements of Abdillah. She hopes that what Abdillah has achieved can motivate other children in Parmout District to excel in their field.

“Hopefully Abdillah’s achievements can be a motivation for all elementary students in Parmout Regency, to be more advanced and achieving in the national chaos,” Eni said via telephone interview on Wednesday (3/5). Only a few minutes after Abdillah accepted an award from the Minister of Education, he was instantly overwhelmed with the words of officials in Parmout District.

Regent of Parmout, H Samsurizal Tombolotutu is seen to congratulate Abdillah through social media “Congratulations to Ananda Abdillah, proud and touched by your achievement, A Parmout achievement,” Samsurizal writes through Whatsapp of Parigata Group. Head of the Regional Development Planning, Research and Development Agency (Bappelitbangda) of Parmout Regency, H Ardi Kadir SPd, MM also gave speech through Whatsapp of Parigata Group.

“Hope you success, Moh Abdillah. Increase your talent to achieve better. Hopefully other fields and talents can come to give the best for Parmout, amen, “wrote the former Head of Education Office of Parmout District. The Regent Expert Staff, Irfan Maraila also responded to the success of Abdillah. According to him, Abdillah is a child from all corners of the country, living at the foot of the mountain with all the limitations, but able to lift the name of Parmout Regency in the national glasses. “This is proof that the quality of education in Parmout Regency is reliable, congrats for Abdillah,” he said. **

Reporter/translater: Fharadiba/Jesica porogoi

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