Longki: Hundreds of Billion Come from Three Investors

SPECIAL Economic Zone (SEZ) of Palu has been determined by the government through Government Regulation No. 31 of 2014. In addition, to further strengthen the SEZ, the government also issued a policy in order to accelerate development such as Government Regulation No. 96 of 2015 on the provision of facilities in SEZ Palu. In addition, Presidential Regulation No. 3 of 2016 concerning the acceleration of the implementation of national strategic projects.

One of ten SEZs in Indonesia, SEZ Palu is expected to increase regional economic growth as it becomes the center of processing raw materials, both at national and international level. This was conveyed by Governor of Central Sulawesi Longki Djanggola at Coordination Meeting on acceleration of development and security of investing in Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Palu in Ballroom of Mercure Hotel Palu (10/5/2017).

Governor Longki said, at the Limited Meeting with President Joko Widodo at national palace some time ago, Jokowi gave the policy to extend the Palu SEZ. By him, with the policy of the president, SEZ of Palu which was originally operating in May 2017 then extended with consideration for the interest of regional and national economic growth.

“Currently in SEZ of Palu there are three investors who have invested in the construction phase,” he said. He said the company is PT Asbuton Jaya Abadi engaged in natural asphalt business with an investment plan of Rp 100 billion which requires a workforce of one hundred people.

Second, PT Hong Thai International engaged in pine resin business with an investment plan of Rp 15.7 billion more, the workforce needs a hundred people. Third, PT Sofi Agro Industry, is engaged in kpra industry, coconut crude oil and coconut cooking products with investment plan of 1, 3 million US Dollar which require labor reaches 625 people.

“Hopefully, these three companies become a crank or entry points for other potential investors to invest in SEZ of Palu,” said coordinator of this coordination meeting. He said, it is useful to invite all parties in accelerating and guarding the creation of a safe investment climate and profit in SEZ of Palu. Where in turn, it will be able to encourage economic growth of Central Sulawesi, especially the city of Palu.

Equally important is the guarantee of security for investors who will invest in this area because it is absolutely to support their smoothness and comfort. The guarantee can be felt by domestic and overseas investors who are the responsibility of all stakeholders, including the Central Government, Local Government and the security apparatus, the Police and the militers.

Meanwhile, the Board of National Special Economic Zone Secretary, Eno Suharto conveyed about the permit management in SEZ can be done directly in the region without going through BKPM. The investors can directly build the construction without waiting for Building Permit (IMB), because SEZ is the area that has become a national strategy project where all the permits are from one door.

“The company can directly build in SEZ.  In particular, for licensing delimitation can be directly to the region, “he said. Licensing arrangements in SEZ are one-way because the central government has delegated and facilitates prospective investors regarding the licensing with a very short time of 3 hours. Attending the meeting, the vice mayor, Sigit Purnomo said, provincial and Regional leadership communication forum of Palu elements, and Director of Application Services of Capital Investment Coordinating Board of Indonesia, Secretary of National Council of SEZ and Chairman of the Committee for Accelerating the Provision of Priority Infrastructure. **

Reporter/transleter: Mahbub/Jesica porogoi

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